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All About Gut Health

What is Gut Health?

In our body -- especially in the digestive system -- trillions of good and bad bacteria live, and this population of good and bad bacteria are collectively known as Gut Microbiota. These Gut Microbiomes in our body dictate many aspects of our physical and mental health. Good Gut Enzymes lead to good Gut Health, and bad Gut Enzymes lead to bad Gut Health. Gut Enzymes are an important component of the overall health and function of the body.

Depending on our lifestyle, diet, and other factors, these Gut Enzymes or Microbiomes differ hugely and influence our health, mood, appetite, and weight. In recent years, it has been discovered that our Gut System is more complex and bigger than previously thought, and it affects our immunity, emotional health, and other chronic illnesses like cancer. A number of studies have shown that certain foods, environments and behaviors affect our Gut Health differently for better or worse.

Importance of Gut Health

Everyone’s Microbiomes are different. We don’t realize their bad behavior in our Digestive System until we have constipation and pains. Everything we eat or drink passes through the GI tract, and our GI tract is responsible for all stomach problems. Our Gut Health starts and ends in the GI Tract, and if it is not followed by good and healthy food, it will cause various stomach problems and affect our metabolism. So, to maintain good Gut Health, it is very important to manage the balance between good and bad Microbiomes.

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